Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort is Asia’s premier healthy holiday destination. Located just 20 minutes from the Phuket international airport and next to a national forest, Thanyapura is dedicated to promoting active living and healthy lifestyles through sports and wellness.

Thanyapura is the ideal location for a sports training, executive retreats or a healthy holiday. Our sports training programs focus on improving performance and developing skills, while our health and wellness programs focus on lifestyle modification, disease prevention and balance. We optimize your stay with world class facilities, dynamic group classes, personal training, comfortable rooms, and delicious and nutritious food.

Everything you need to perform better, feel better and look better is right here. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone, with a group or as part of a company, Thanyapura has the place, the people and the programs that are right for you.

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What’s On At Thanyapura

(Workshop) Build Your wheel pose (Chakrasana) with LaurenceOctober, 29 2019, Advance your yoga practice in this 2 hour wheel pose workshop with Laurence. She will help you master this asana, which requires strength, flexibility and form. This pose has many health benefits and you will be both challenged and rewarded by the effort.
Lifestyle Medicine Talk – Breakfast. What to Eat. When to Eat.November, 6 2019, Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, because it ‘breaks the fast’ from your last meal, stimulates digestive activity and provides fuel to power your brain and body.
(Event) 2019 Colour Fun RunNovember, 9 2019, Gather your friends or gear up solo for this enchanting race! The Colour Fun Run takes place annually and combines sport with family fun, encouraging people of all ages and abilities to join in this fantastic and colourful day out.
Borussia Dortmund Youth Football Training CampNovember, 22-24 2019. Join us for an intensive 3 day training youth football training camp hosted by Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, featuring coaches from Borussia Dortmund!
(Workshop) Build your crow post (Bakasana) with DanielNovember, 27 2019, Advance your yoga practice in this 2 hour crow pose workshop with Daniel. Discover the joy of mastering this challenging asana which requires balance, arm and core strength. The crow pose is the foundation for all arm balancing poses in yoga.
Chelsea FC Foundation Christmas CampJoin us from December, 15-18 for a special holiday camp. This time, your little brother or sister can play too with our new 4-6 years old group!
Triathlon Training Camp by Irene Coletto, TrisuttoJoin Trisutto Coach Irene Coletto for individual advice on your swimming, biking and running, and train in the tropical sun any day of the year.

Copyright © 2019 Thanyapura. All rights reserved.  Visit Thanyapura Intranet Page

Copyright © 2019 Thanyapura. All rights reserved. Visit Thanyapura Intranet Page

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