5 reasons why Phuket is a sports paradise

Phuket itself is well-known as a tourism destination; a place to visit and chill all day and night long with a variety of activities lined up to entertain all kinds of travelers. Nevertheless, Phuket has many more attractive facets, especially for those who are looking for their next training destination.




It’s the pearl of Andaman

I bet there are a number of beach lovers out there. Phuket is universally famous for its gorgeous sandy beaches with crystal clear water especially from December to April each year. What can be better than training outdoor against the stunning view of the endless ocean that meets the edge of the sky with salt in the air and sand in the hair?



Greenish Scenery

Apart from beach scenery, Phuket also provides you with a wonderful lush nature of mountains and forests such as the strictly preserved Khao Phra Thaew Non-Hunting Area covering 13,925 Rai of land (or 22.28 square kilometres) and 384 meters higher from the ground where you can also experience the Ton Sai waterfall and wildlife. There is also Khao To Sae, a mountain in Phuket Town, which is a popular spot for many local runners and cyclists. This mountain offers two paths to reach the top; a concrete road amongst the natural forest that hosts families of monkeys with the stunning view of Phuket city and beaches below and the trekking route where you have to pass through a thick forest and climb up to the top. Phuket has many more areas that allow you to train in a calm surrounding with loads of oxygen. Come and explore!



Sport Facilities

Phuket has many attractive dimensions and sport is one of that. There are a number of athletes and sports celebrities visiting Phuket for their peaceful training in a great atmosphere. To support all the training demands from both outsiders and locals, the sports clubs can help you with professional courses, coaches, and equipment to optimize your inner potential.

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Writing about all activities that can be done in Phuket would take a lifetime! For sport, Phuket has a great list to offer such as the surfing, parasailing, diving, rock climbing, shooting, horse riding, zip lining to motorsports like ATV and Go-Kart. After finishing your training, try these adventurous activities that serve your sports spirit right.

Good Sport Vibe

As it is a destination for many inspiring athletes and leading sports people, training in Phuket gives you the opportunity to discover more encouraging people that push you towards becoming a better one. Also, there are many sports events happening in Phuket all year long such as swimming competitions, races, and triathlons. Visit the paradise of southern Thailand and enjoy the unforgettable experience we have to offer!


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