Clean From the Inside Out During the Vegetarian Festival

More than just health concerns, the Thailand Vegetarian Festival has a spiritual matter. If you are looking to boost your health from good food and clear your mind, this annual festival that takes place in Phuket as well as many other places across Thailand from October 1-9 is the right opportunity to seize.


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Food is the main focus of the festival. You will find vegan food everywhere and most of them look so tasty! Local people usually eat at their nearby Chinese shrines, which provide free vegan food every day and guarantee that they won’t break any rules during the holy period of nine days. Also, there are plenty of meat-look-alike and taste-alike dishes, making it easy for beginners to get used to vegan treats. However, choose wisely because many of them are also deep fried and high in carbohydrate with loads of flour. Select beneficial organic, fresh and healthy products to cook on your own or visit the vegan restaurants that provide you with a list of nutritious cuisines such as alkaline vegan food or raw vegan food at Thanyapura. Not only it avoid killing animals but also avoid harming your own health.


People joining the festival have to calm their mind. Avoid thinking negative, having bias, woolgathering or even having negative emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, depress, stress and try to become more positive by being more focused, conscious, and mindful of your own self. People usually go to the shrines often to pay respect to the Chinese angels, the Nine Emperor Gods, and the Jade Emperor in order to be blessed and calm their mind.

Practicing meditation in Chinese shrines, especially in the small quiet ones or even a normal Buddhist temple, is also a good trend to follow during the fest to cleanse your mind and clear your thoughts.



Behaving well is one of the important elements during the festival. People follow the five precepts, which are:

  • Avoid killing or harming living things;
  • Avoid taking what’s not given:
  • Avoid sexual misconduct;
  • Avoid lying or gossiping;
  • Avoid taking intoxicating substances such as drugs and alcohol beverage.

Follow these simple Buddhist precepts and you will find your inner peace.

There are also some additional rules during the vegetarian festival if you want to be stricter. Strong smell vegetable and herbs such as garlic, onion, Chinese chives, coriander and other hot and spicy herbs are prohibited along the festival, personal hygiene has to be well kept especially before attending a ceremony of the festival (many people also wear white clothes as well), and sexual intercourse in prohibited.

Think positive, behave well, eat healthy are at the core of the Vegetarian Festival. Keep your body, mind, and soul in peace for the holy nine days, you will find yourself reinvigorated with fresher thoughts, feeling more focused and with a stronger body.



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