Mindfulness Self Compassion 5 Day Silent Retreat

Mindfulness Self Compassion 5 Day Silent Retreat

16/10/2019 - 21/10/2019 Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

This 5-day silent retreat is for anyone who is wishing to deepen their personal practice
of mindfulness and self-compassion. Beginners as well as long term practitioners are welcome.

The philosophy of mindfulness and  self-compassion will be woven throughout the retreat. You will be invited to practice noticing ‘what is here for you in this moment?’ Ongoing inquiry of what is present will be married in with the deepening into ‘what is needed in this moment?’ Therefore, building understanding of being present to experience and the experiencer, holding both in kindness, connection and presence. 

This retreat allows opportunity to strengthen your ability to be present with yourself just as you are within the safe container of expert guidance by experienced retreat leaders, a skilled a kind hearted retreat manager and in a compassionate community of fellow practitioners. 

Participants will also be nourished by the natural environment of Phuket and in particular the quiet and peaceful Garden Wing of Thanyapura. We will have our own restaurant away from the larger resort to assist in holding our retreat form. We will be further nurtured  by three delicious buffet style meals each day. 

The daily schedule includes guided and silent sitting and walking meditation, mindful movement, daily sense and savour walking outdoors and teaching focused on applying mindfulness and self-compassion, in particular personal practice in daily life. Individual and group inquiry sessions with teachers are included.

All-inclusive fees include tuition, teaching fees, accommodations and food.

This fulfils the silent retreat requirement for professional teacher training in MSC, MBSR and MBCT. Spaces Limited. 


Early Bird (paid prior to 30th August)
• Single Room: $ 1,300 US
• Room Sharing: $ 1,000 US


• Accommodation for 5 nights
• Teaching fees and materials
• Food (3 meals per day)



Tina Gibson


Siri Chandler


Pete Gibson


Please visit: http://www.retreatinphuket.com/
Please contact: tina@adelaidemindfulness.com or siri@mindfulnessth.com

Event Information

16/10/2019 - 21/10/2019 Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort



Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort


Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort is located just fifteen minutes away from Phuket International Airport and presents a unique and inspiring destination for individuals, groups and families looking for a balanced approach to their lifestyle.

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