Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

08/10/2018 08:00 - 17/10/2018 18:00 Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

The annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival is upon us again! The festival is held every October to promote good mental and physical health by avoiding the consumption of meat products and other stimulants. It also honours the 9 Emperor Gods of Chinese Taoism. Whilst there is delicious vegetarian food to be found throughout Phuket during the festival, it is most famous for its rather extreme celebrations.

Happily, Thanyapura will be focusing on food, and has created a special menu to celebrate the event. From 1-31 October 2018, the following dishes will be available in the restaurant:

  • Thai herbs with marinated tempeh in rice paper (220THB): tempeh, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk, lettuce, mango, and carrot with a mango salsa
  • High-protein noodle bowl (280THB): edamame noodles, barbecue mushrooms, tofu, broccoli, capsicum, edamame beans, sugar snap peas, carrot and sesame seeds
  • Red curry roasted pumpkin with tempeh (280THB): cherry tomato, pineapple, lychee and sweet basil service with steamed berry rice
  • Vegan banana split (220THB): three scoops of vegan ice cream and banana with chocolate sauce

For more information on Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival, visit this site:

Event Information

08/10/2018 08:00 - 17/10/2018 18:00 Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort



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