Available From Now Until 31 December 2019

The extended Detox package is an ideal choice for those seeking to make positive changes to their diet. Guests will receive a medical consultation with one of Thanyapura’s doctors, along with a separate private nutritional consultation where a detox juice meal plan will be created. Yoga and meditation sessions will follow to focus the mind and relax the body. Optional additional treatments include advanced male/female health check up, colon hydrotherapy, I.V liver detox, Ayurveda Shirodhara, oligo scan for heavy metals and chelation. The package includes set meal plans, gift set, and full complimentary access to the fitness centres for the duration of their stay.


  • THB 7,050 (Room Not Included)


Service Items Session Qty


Medical Doctor Consultation 30 min 1
Private Nutrition Consultation 60 min 1


Yoga Session  Group Class 55 min 1
Mind Training Group Class 45 min 1
Health and Wellness Advisor Consultation 30 min 1
Gift Set 1


Lunch and Dinner Meal Plan 1
Service Items Session Qty Unit Price
Lunch and Dinner Meal Plan 1 1,550
Health Checkup – Advance Male Package 60 min 1 12,100
Health Checkup – Advance Female Package 60 min 1 14,000
Colon Hydrotherapy 60 min 1 2,800
IV Liver Detox 60 min 1 4,200
Ayurveda Shirodhara 55 min 1 2,500
Oligo Scan – Heavy Metal Screening 60 min 1 4,000
Chelation – Remove Toxin Heavy Metal 60 min 1 5,000
Hormone Replacement Therapy 60 min 1 Personalised
Take Home Meal Plan 60 min 1 2,500
Choice of Spa and Wellness Relax Massage 55 min 1 1,750
L-Carnitine Injection 60 min 1 2,000
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