L-carnitine is synthesized in the body from the amino acids lysine and methionine and is an important antioxidant for producing energy. Most of the body’s L-carnitine supply is found in the bones and muscles.

L-carnitine’s antioxidant properties help prevent free-radical damage to healthy cells.  Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier enables L-carnitine to improve brain function and guard against damage caused by ageing and stress.

Whether your training and fitness goals include fat loss or muscle mass growth, L-carnitine IV therapy can boost your chances of success. The intravenous infusion treatment takes about 15 minutes.


L-carnitine is known to aid fat loss and metabolism of fatty acids; inhibits fat storage in the body and increases aerobic capacity to burn more calories; suppresses appetite and reduces fatigue; increases muscle mass and strength; slows bone loss and improves bone micro-structure; helps angina patients exercise without chest pain or discomfort.

Taking L-carnitine after a heart attack reduces the chances of another heart attack; improves sperm quantity and sperm quality; benefits type 2 diabetes by increasing glucose oxidation, storage and uptake; strengthens the immune system’s ability to fight colds, allergies and oxidative stress from over-training.


  • THB 1,500 – 2,000 (15-minute)
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